Music with Chelsea 2019-2020 Policies

 Cancellation and Make-Up Policy:

  • The music lesson year is based on 34 lessons. Chelsea aims to be finished lessons by mid-June, but may go a week or two longer to finish the 34 lessons. These 34 lessons take into account a break for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years, Family Day, Music Festival weeks and Easter.
  • Due to the fact that Chelsea has a very full studio, she will not be offering make up lessons throughout the year for student absences. Instead, students will be offered the following options: a Skype or FaceTime lesson during their regular time or a pre recorded video lesson (student can record their pieces and send them by email, text or YouTube link and Chelsea will send a video response during their regular lesson time).
  • If the student is ill (cough or fever within the last 24 hours, stayed home from school, etc), please do not send them to lessons. If they are marginally sick but well enough for a lesson a video or Skype lesson may be arranged.
  • If Chelsea cancels for illness, piano education conferences or other reasons, she will offer a make up lesson on a Saturday or at the end of the school year (late May/early June). If the student does not reach 34 lessons at the middle of June because of Chelsea’s cancellations, families will be reimbursed for missed lessons.
  • If your lesson time no longer works for you, Chelsea may or may not be able to reschedule within her teaching hours. If she is not able to reschedule, she reserves the right to keep the following 2 months tuition cheques as she may not be able to find a student to fill that spot.
  • 60 days written notice is required to withdraw a student from Chelsea for any reason (Chelsea will keep the following two months tuition cheques or will require payment for the following two months after the students last lesson).
  • Chelsea reserves the right to cancel the registration of a student at any time.
  • Complete registration is subject to payment by applicant.

Practice Expectations:

  • Chelsea’s goal is to provide each student with a quality music education that is fun, engaging, and tailored to their needs. Chelsea strives to be enthusiastic, and wants each student to feel valued and talented. Her goal is not to create perfect performers, but rather to create engaged students who are fluent in the language of music, who love to play piano, and who are excellent at their instrument. She desires that every student would come away from lessons with a positive experience and a desire to continue their musical education. In order for this to happen, practice time should occur 5 days a week.. Chelsea will go over with your student what a ‘practice’ session should entail.
  • If your child is struggling with a particular concept, song or just practice times in general, please let Chelsea know so that we can work on a solution together. Sometimes it is just a matter of adjusting the material or expectations so that a child can feel successful.
  • Two recitals will be provided throughout the year. These are fun times of celebration of what the students have accomplished throughout the year, but participation is not mandatory.

Lesson Etiquette:

  • Please arrive on time to drop off and pick up your students—if students arrive late, Chelsea will not be able to give that student a full half hour of teaching time. Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early, as you may distract from or interrupt the lesson before you.
  • Your tuition reserves your lesson time. If you are late, your lesson will still end on time, it will just be shorter that day. If students are more than 15 minutes late, they forfeit that lesson.
  • Please use the back door (walk around the right side of the house, through the gate, and then through the door there).
  • Parents are always welcome to sit in and watch their child’s lessons. Siblings are welcome to wait during lessons provided they can sit quietly (feel free to bring an activity for them).
  • Please use the washroom and wash your hands before you come to your lessons.

Payment Policy:

  • The student will cover all materials (piano books, theory books, etc.) that arise throughout the year. Chelsea will purchase the materials and give you an invoice. The average cost throughout the year depends on the student’s progress...it can range from $50-100 per student for the year.
  • A registration fee of $35 per student is required by July 1 to hold your child’s spot for the fall. This covers the cost of administrative fees, supplemental music from Chelsea’s lending library, their music notebook, the 2 recitals (no fees for tickets) and various prizes and incentives throughout the year.
  • The student will cover all costs of exams or music festivals throughout the year (these are optional).
  • The $105 per month fee is charged from September to June and is based on 34 lessons and 2 recitals over the school year. A group class is provided at no charge if your student decides to play in a music festival. The full tuition payment is due even if the student only has two lessons (for instance, in December), as the tuition is based on 34 lessons over 9 months. Students taking 45 minute lessons pay $157.50 per month and hour long lessons are $210 per month.
  • If a student is taking an exam that is later than their 34 lessons, extra lessons will be made available at a discounted cost of $28 per half hour lesson.
  • Invoices are sent via email by the 1st of each month. Tuition payments not received by the 7th of each month will be charged a $20 late fee.

Payment Options:

  • Cheques: Tuition fees of 10 post-dated cheques for $105 a month (September-June) for the 2018-2019 school year must be submitted to Chelsea (made out to Chelsea Bustin) prior to or on the first lesson in September 2019. Please date each cheque for the first day of each month. A $30.00 charge will be levied on each cheque returned NSF from the customer’s bank account. Chelsea will cash each cheque by the 5th of each month.
  • Credit card: Payment by credit card can be made through Chelsea’s website. There is an additional service charge for this. Payments can be set up to occur each month, or you can make them manually each month.
  • E-transfer: you can e-transfer your monthly payment to info@musicwithchelsea.com by the 7th day of each month. E-transfers can be set up in your online banking to occur automatically each month.